Why Indian Businesses Need Consulting

Some decades ago, businesses in India ran on set models, give or take a few exceptions, of course. The activities and the attitudes, the actions and reactions of employees that drove business operations were also pretty much textbook. And it worked…for those times, in those economic eras, at that pace. But whether we like it or not, we are living in the times where times change even before one business cycle gets completed. And with times change customer preferences, business models, even employee motivations.Most businesses find it difficult to self diagnose problems and obstacles because they have a perspective that may not be providing much objectivity. The businessmen and the leadership team are too personally involved in the business. Also, every business has its own formula for success and is reluctant to try anything new or different. This is where the need of a business consultant arises. He has worked with many businesses, each with a different culture, objectives and philosophy. He is updated with the ongoing market trends through research and development. He is an expert at identifying issues and offering solutions, analyzing situations and course-correcting the business. Indian companies need consultants now, more than ever.

The job of a consultant, in one line, is to improve the overall performance of an organization. This, he does through the following ways.

Identifying and Solving problems

The consultant will understand your business objectives, hurdles, resources, etc. Next, he will assess all the processes and activities of your business on paper to determine how result-oriented they are. Problems will be identified, for example, ineffective work allocation, irrelevant action plans, wastage of time or resources, et al, and solutions will be suggested. Occasionally, the consultant also has to do the unpleasant work of advising to restructure organizational chart and redefining roles. But, at the end of the day, every measure is aimed at making things more efficient.

Making operations efficient

One of the most important jobs of a consultant is to make all business activities efficient, clearing up those blockages from the arteries of business. He will introduce processes, mostly technological, that will ensure all activities run in a smooth and synchronized manner. He will also create a quantifying system to monitor and rate key processes, so that the business gets measurable results. There is a possibility that he might train the employees to better familiarize them with the goals of the business and also let the organization know about its employees’ motivations. All these undertakings will ultimately make the business more efficient and effective.

Working out new business possibilities

A story goes that a biscuit manufacturer once hired the services of a consultant. He went through everything on and off paper. On his rounds to the factory, he saw that the byproducts of the company’s two main products could be repurposed to make a third product, if the costs are agreeable. Numbers were crunched and the company saw it as a very realizable opportunity. True or not, this story is not very far from reality. Consultants, given their expertise and experience, are expert-generalists in their own right and are able to see profitable opportunities from the present resources.


A consultant is the link between a business and the business world. It is common for consultants to have good professional relations with several businesses, lobbyists and other influential individuals or entities. A business can use his network to reach out to potential customers, vendors, business partners, etc. A marketing consultant may hook you up with a great advertising firm, while an HR consultant may introduce you to a tech firm that can create customized software for your HR operations.

The world of consulting is certainly not limited to the services mentioned here, and this article is by no means comprehensive of what a business consultant is or what he does. It is more of an introduction to the incalculable benefits and value that consulting services can create for a business. The times are changing, and if you feel any uncertainty about any aspect of you business, just hire a consultant.

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