Business Advisory Services

Aided by our market-leading research, Ascentia’s team specializes in advisory services aided by market-leading research to provide cost-effective, commercially-based and technically-sound consultancy advice tailored to our clients’ needs and across various circumstances, from capital gains tax to stock market listings.

Strategic planning is vital to attain business goals and ensure optimum use of resources. The process is challenging as it involves identification of alternatives and options to encounter the business problems. Business advisory is a pressing need of every business as it helps in recognizing the potential challenges and the methods to deal with such challenges timely. The advisory is also important as it highlights the strengths and weaknesses of a business and also provides insight on opportunities and threats it may attract.

We provide a host of advisory services to support our clients in achieving their business objectives, mitigating their risk and improving their business performance.

Our key Business Advisory service offerings include:

  • Business consulting including market research, strategy and operations
  • Financial and process consulting
  • Greenfield and brownfield projects advisory
  • Transaction advisory including M&A, due diligence, valuations, economic analysis
  • Technology and risk consulting
  • Intelligent automation and analytics
  • Strategic initiatives management and special projects

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