Project Financing and feasibility analysis

We assist developing business plans and financial projections of projects supported by financial modelling for any company or special purpose entity, to avail non-recourse or limited recourse loans secured by project assets or credit worthiness of the project sponsors, project delivery methods and proper risk identification and allocation. Project Finance is one of the key focus areas in today’s world because of continuous growth and expansion of the industries at a rapid rate. Project finance is a centuries-old form of financing high-risk, development-oriented projects. Project finance is the long-term financing of infrastructure and industrial projects based upon non-recourse or limited alternative of financial structure where project debt and equity used to finance the project are paid back from the cash flow engendered by the project.

They are most ordinarily non-recourse loans, which are fortified by the project assets and paid entirely from project cash flow, rather than from the general assets or creditworthiness of the project sponsors, a decision in part braced by finance modeling.

Methods of Project Financing

A survey said that 90% of respondents identified money as the greatest obstacle to implementation of any project. The various sources of finance can be broadly divided into two categories, viz. equity capital and debt capital (borrowed capital). The combination of equity and debt should be judiciously chosen, and it will vary according to the nature of the project. The project manager can choose any one or a combination of two or more of these methods to finance the project.

  • Share capital – equity capital and preference capital.
  • Term loan
  • Debenture capital
  • Commercial banks
  • Bills discounting

feasibility analysis

When considering and planning a potential project, you need to base your decisions on accurate information. Our feasibility study services will help you determine the viability of your project and collate the details you need to secure funding.

Why use a feasibility study from Ascentia?

Our highly experienced project finance experts carefully assess your project proposal to deliver the information that investors need to base their decisions on. As a trusted independent third party, we can help you: Determine if your project is viable and if any conditions need to be met before investment Gain accurate information of potential projects based on a thorough review of specifications, licenses and permits, location and site visits, economic analysis and supplier qualification Assess risk accurately through our careful analysis Accurate feasibility study services from the world’s most trusted provider As a trusted world leader in feasibility studies, we offer you unrivalled experience gained across a diverse range of projects across all sectors. That is why our trusted evaluation methods and highly specialized engineers are the first choice for clients across the globe. Our feasibility services include:

  • Design review
  • Site visit
  • Tender support
  • Specifications review
  • Support in the selection of suppliers and subcontractors
  • Permits and licenses review

Contact us today to find out how our feasibility study services can help you ensure that your project is viable.

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