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Business valuation consists valuation of an entire business, a strategic business unit, a department or a particular store are all. Busines Valuation in India is a very important aspect in an entrepreneur's journey since this monetary number values the time and effort they have put in to grow the business. Business Valuation provides information to assist with investor strategizing and further planning. It is the basic tool that helps in taking a financially informed decision about the financial prospects of the venture. Valuation of Business, as well as Brand, is carefully studied from qualitative and quantitative considerations to arrive at True Value of your Enterprise.

Ascentia leads the advisory on Business Valuation services in India, which help Startups and Entrepreneurs understand quantum of business stake to dilute or sell, to gain the required amount of capital investment. These business valuation services also help the prospective investors to evaluate the targeted Startups and SMEs.

Business Valuation is also carried out from the perspective of Income Tax Act, 1961 and Companies Act, 2013. In case of foreign investors, the valuation of shares need to adhere to the principle of arms length from Foreign Exchange Management Act perspective.

Why choose our business valuation services ?

  • Valuation is carried out from legal perspective of Income Tax Act, 1961, Companies Act 2013 and Foreign Exchange Management Act compliance, yet considering the fundamental considerations of Investors.
  • Ascentia is completely accountable for the valuations done by them & provide full assistance and support to our clients to justify the valuations arrived at, and the financial reasoning behind the same, during times of negotiation with prospective investors.
  • Based on specific need, Ascentia quantify and depict value of transactions and investments, considering international investors and FEMA regulations.
  • Leading Advisor in India on advisory on Business Valuation from financial, legal and regulatory perspective

What is the purpose of Business Valuation ?

  • To sell the business or brand or part of the operations
  • To negotiate and gain the required investment
  • To estimate the value of shares
  • Helps investors to evaluate the startups
  • In matters of Bankruptcies, Mergers & Acquisitions, Joint Venture Partnerships

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